Customised workshops

for your team


The workshops help you to:

Improve negotiations with suppliers

Differentiate your products

Speed up product development

Expand your foundation for strategic decisions


Our training seminars are usually held at your premises, offering several benefits:

Tailored programme

Stimulating interaction in small groups

Flexible in scope (1/2 to 2 days)


For Whom?

The seminars are valuable for all personnel involved in the beverage supply chain, particularly in the areas of:


Marketing and Sales

Production and QC

Product Development

Project Teams

Examples of seminar programmes

Beverage Packaging

Provides an understanding of beverage packaging and the container’s influence on product quality and shelf life

Suggested content: Packaging choices - PET bottle performance - The importance of the closure - Oxygen as the enemy to product quality - Light issues and solutions - Carbonation - Interaction between package and product -Changing beverage formulations or package format - Troubleshooting - Trends and challenges ahead

Dairy Products & Packaging

Gives a concise overview and clarifies key issues related to milk packaging

Suggested content: Milk segments - Shelf life and distribution - Processing options - Filling systems for cartons and bottles - Milk technology - Influence of light and oxygen - Hands-on evaluation of milk packaging - Dairy market and trends

Fruit Juices

Ensures a solid understanding of juice processing and unique considerations for juice packaging

Suggested content: Overview from tree to glass - Industry structure and how it has developed - Orange juice concentrate production - NFC manufacture and special considerations - Orange juice quality - Orange add-backs and flavours - Fruit juice regulations - Operations at juice packing plant - Filling options and corresponding heat treatment - Comparison of filling systems and package types - Shelf life considerations - Important aspects for other juices and juice drinks - Market trends